New Testament Novel .hack

Hello, everyone. I present to you the New Testament Novel .hack. On this page I will add links to not only the chapters which can be read online, but also to PDF files I will make available that will allow you to read the novel on an eBook reader or tablet with neat formatting and images!

*Names are switched to the western style of Given name, then Family name.

New Testament Novel ‘.hack’
Vol. 1

Written by
Masayuki Yano

Art by
Itsuki Hoshi
(CC2 Staffers Shimako, Ankate, and Oiji)

English Fan Translation by
Kazetrigger of .hack//Translate

Intro Blurb
Those who haven’t heard of .hack can now enjoy the story!
A new novelization which integrates the events of .hack//Infection through .hack//Quarantine has now appeared on the scene!!

What kind of boy was Kite of the .hackers?

Progress though the point of view of the hero Kite and picture his thoughts and feelings in your mind!
This is a comprehensive novel that complements the truth we couldn’t depict in the games. We depict in detail Kite’s true face that was hidden from us in the real world and, at the same time, relate him to the real world activities of other characters who were involved in the “incident.”



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