.hack//Link News

I haven’t updated .hack//Link in a while. The patch is still in progress. I updated the stats on how many files are done, and for now, I intend to release a new patch (Ver. 0.2.1) with some new added files and corrections sometime next month. I would like to get past the 1000 file mark […]


.hack//GnU chapter 03 has been uploaded and can be found here. More chapters are on the way and lots more! .hack//Link, .hack//Bullet, Guilty Dragon 4Koma, Guilty Dragon game transcript, .hack//Epitaph of Twilight! These and more are in store for those who are patient enough. I am but one person, but I intend to finish these […]

Guilty Dragon 4Koma

All the Guilty Dragon 4Koma that are completed have been uploaded, and a new one, #27 has been uploaded. The comics are still on hiatus, so they won’t be updated regularly. The comics are now at #54 on the official website. I will finish them eventually, but they are not a top priority since they […]