.hack//Translate is the multimedia translation project of Kazetrigger, a user from the Dothackers forums.

The .hack series is a massive multimedia legacy started as a four-part video game series in 2002. The series has since expanded into further game series, novels, manga, movies, card games, collectible figurines and more.

The main story elements (novels, games, manga, and movies) constitute a series of both canon and non-canon stories that build the .hack universe. With the release of .hack//Link, the main distributors of .hack merchandise stopped releasing new material outside of Japan.

Several novels, manga, and games have failed to be greenlit for localization in English. It is the aim of this project to collect, categorize and translate any and all story material that has not been translated and released in English. This material will be made available here and is not for sale. If you paid for any of the material on this site, you have been fooled.

All .hack product are copyrighted and owned by CC2 Studios. I am merely making old material that is not likely to be released available to the .hack fan community in English.

Go to the Projects page to find links to each project.


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