Patch Info

So, I have now completed the files that were previously missed and I checked through them to make sure nothing else is missing.   I will soon release a new patch V0.4.1 which will contain the corrections, but first I’d like to translate some more content.   I have also done some checking of the […]

Figured it out

Some users were telling me that portions of the game remained untranslated, even though I had supposedly finished those files. Well, the problem is solved. It turns out that an issue in file checking led me to mark files as complete which still had some untranslated lines. I have identified the files and will complete […]

.hack//Link English Patch v0.4 Released!

The latest patch for .hack//Link has been released! It contains all S files, and has some some cleaner grammar and spelling, although many files still need work. A future patch will correct all the spelling, grammar, and plot issues. Several users were noting that their patching system is missing files or gives them errors. I’m […]

Just 50 files left!

There are just 50 files left to translate in .hack//Link. Now, these 50 are the largest files in the game, but with a little help, hopefully we can be done in a timely manner. Stay tuned!

I’m back

Sorry about the lack of updates over the past couple of months. I was very busy with school, but I graduated and now it’s summer break. I’ll be job hunting starting from now on, but until I get a new job, I’ll have some extra time to return to translation. There are approximately 12,000 lines […]