Welcome to the secondary official page for the unofficial fan translation of .hack//Link!

Since the game’s release in 2010, it has not been released outside of Japan. After over five years it seems unlikely that it will ever see an official English localization, so it has become the task of a small group of individuals to bring this game to English-speaking audiences.

A previous patch was developed by another team, but has since been dropped. To the best of our knowledge this is the only other patch in existence and this being the case, it is the most complete patch to date. We highly recommend you use our patch for the fullest enjoyment of the game if you do not read Japanese.

Without further ado, here’s all you need to know about the team, the patch, and how to get it working!

Current Members of this Team

  • Kuukai – Will be translating the story elements.
  • JunBansyoya – Making things work, Translating menus.
  • Keii – Will be translating the story elements.
  • Kazetrigger – Will be translating the story elements, testing.
  • Angga – Will be translating story elements.
  • Deniz/Falions – Will be translating story elements.


Translation Project found here: http://dothackers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=18285

Animated scenes: 100% (DONE!)

  • 81/81 Files
  • Total Lines: 2,944
  • Translated Lines: 2,944
  • Percent Complete: 100%

Standard Dialogue: 100% (DONE!)

  • “M” Files: 880/880
  • “S” Files: 1,149/1,149
  • Total Files: 2,029/2,029
  • Total Lines: 61,552
  • Translated Lines: 61,552
  • Percent Complete: 100%

Items/Extras/E-Mails: 94.63%

  • 20/22 Files
  • Total Lines: 40,649
  • Translated Lines: 38,464
  • Percent Complete: 94.63%

Overall: 102,960/105,145
Total Files: 2,130/2,132
Total Percent Complete: 97.92%

Release Schedule
v0.0 – “Shadow Signs” – Released August 2011
A movie version of the main story based on the patch for those who don’t want to play the whole game. The final videos have been released to Youtube.

v0.1 – “Terror Infection” – Released September 2012
A basic main story patch that covers all the manga scenes and FMVs, and enough conversations for you to understand the gist of the major plotlines. Game text, emails, and non-essential events in the main story (even some Schicksal bosses) will probably be excluded. Basically the same thing as Shadow Signs but playable, with 100% of the animated scenes included, and with better editing.

v0.2 – “Mirage Mutation” – Released June 2014
This patch will incorporate the emails and dialogues that are bridged by “narration” in Shadow Signs. More boss battles, more system text, and more key scenes will be translated. Some sidequests will be translated. Known errors in Terror Infection will be fixed. The first few chapters of the game will be completely translated, and using just the patch you will be able to follow the main story from beginning to end without more confusion than if you knew Japanese.

v0.2.1 – “Mirage Mutation X” – Released December 2014
Added dialogue and made corrections from v0.2.

v0.2.2 – “Mirage Mutation X2” – Released April 2015
A ~60% completion celebratory release. This will keep users tied over until v0.3 is released.

v0.2.3 – “Mirage Mutation X3” – Released June 2015
More dialog and a subtitled version of the opening FMV.

v0.3 – “Propagation Outbreak” – Released October 2016
For this patch the focus will be on the all the “M” files, that is, the main quests. Little in the way of extras will be done.

v0.3.5 – “Propagation Outbreak EX” – Released January 2017
I will release a patch on this day which will encompass everything I have done up to this point, no matter how much or how little. It will nonetheless, contain new translations for many items, some extras, some e-mails and some S-files.

v0.4 – “Prophet Quarantine” – Released August 2017
This patch will include “S” files, that is, the side-quests, some skits, and some extras. Some files will be cleaned up for grammar and spelling, but many files will still need grammar correction.

v0.4.1 – “Prophet Quarantine II” – Released August 2017
This patch fixes missing lines from the previous patch, completes the menu and tutorial displays, and corrects many spelling, grammar and capitalization mistakes. 

v0.4.5 – “Prophet Quarantine III” – Released December 2017
This patch includes all e-mails plus some small fixes. E-mails were not completely checked for errors. Those will be fixed in the next patch. This patch completes the story, though plot errors and mistranslations persist.

v0.5 – “Hero Tokio” – Q2 – Q3 2018
This patch will include the rest of the game. Any remaining errors, glitches or files will be fixed and translated in this release, provided issues do not arise. This version, all things going according to plan, will convert to version 1.0 and be considered full and complete. Any versions going beyond version 1.0 will be added merely for issues that were previously missed.

Known Issues
-Some item shop and fskit menu pages crash the game. Some loading screens also freeze. This can be worked around by switching to the UMD, bypassing the scene, saving the game, and then switching back to the ISO.

FAQ (http://dothackers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=18285)
I have a question can I ask it?
Of course, but it would be appreciated if you read the thread and FAQ first, I know it is getting long but some questions have already been answered and not posted here. If you don’t feel like your question is answered feel free to ask, good questions will be added to this list.

Can I help?
Sure, if you got what it takes, Kuukai is screening people who are interested. Message me through this site or contact Kuukai at dothackers.net.

I cannot translate, can I help?
Yes! Play the game with the patch, and report any mistakes here! Only you can prevent typos!

When will this be done?
The first version of the patch is done! As for the final version, we are aiming for a quality translation. These things take time, so please be patient. The dates above will give you a general timeline. Dates are subject to change.

Patch Info and Download

Mirage Mutation Patch v0.2 (June 6, 2014)

Mirage Mutation X Patch v0.2.1 (December 31, 2014)

Mirage Mutation X2 Patch v0.2.2 (April 19, 2015)

Mirage Mutation X3 Patch v0.2.3 (June 8, 2015)

Propagation Outbreak Patch v0.3 (October 12, 2016)

Propagation Outbreak EX Patch v0.3.5 (January 1, 2017)

Prophet Quarantine Patch v0.4 (August 4, 2017)

Prophet Quarantine II Patch v0.4.1 (August 24, 2017)

Prophet Quarantine III Patch v0.4.5 (December 28, 2017)

How to Install

Step #1: Install a Custom Firmware (CFW) on to your PSP. This part is outside the scope of this guide, but CFW installation guides are easy to find on the web.

Step #2: a) You need to run Windows to use the software involved. If you do not have Windows, you must use Windows emulation software such as WINE if you are using Linux, but this is not guaranteed to work. Having Windows installed is your best best. 

b) Create a folder on your desktop as an easy place to store and find all the files you need to download.

Step #3: Make sure you have Java installed on your system (https://www.java.com/en/download/ for the latest version)

Step #4: Extract the game’s ISO from your Universal Media Disc using the instructions below. If you already obtained the game’s ISO through other means, you may skip this step. We highly recommend you buy the game and support the developers, but given the ease with which one can find game ISO for download today, we cannot stop you from obtaining one through whatever method you choose.

How to extract an ISO from your Universal Media Disc

This step is for people who own the original Universal Media Disc(UMD) of the game .hack//LINK, if you obtained an ISO through alternate methods you may skip this step.

  1. The easiest method would be to use a build in feature of most CFW, you can start off by bringing up the CFW setting menu, generally it is accessed by pressing Select.
  2. In this menu you can change USB DEVICE to be UMD Disc using the D-Pad.
  3. Connect your PSP to your computer.
  4. Switch to USB mode, by going into Settings >> USB Connection
  5. Drag and drop the ISO file from the mounted drive to a safe location on your computer.

Step #5: Extract the DATA.cpk file from the ISO. This step is crucial and must be follow properly for the game to work.

How to extract the DATA.cpk file from the ISO

The DATA.CPK file is the most important file in this ISO, this is a giant file that stores all resources used by this game. These files are used by the CRIware system, popular in Japanese games on various systems. For more information you can see their website.

  1. Run the  utility called UMDgen which is included in the above patch download.
  2. Open the ISO file in the program.
  3. The bottom window will look like a standard 2 pane file explorer, open the PSP_GAME folder followed by USRDIR.
  4. In that folder should be a file called data.cpk. Right-click it and select Extract Selected… from here a Save As dialog will open. Save it in a safe location.

Step #6: Extract the game’s data from the CPK.

How to extract the data from DATA.CPK

  1. Extract and run the QuickBMS program from the tools>>QuickBMS folder.
  2. A black screen and a Open File dialog box will appear. Select the cpk.bms file. Click OK.
  3. Another Open File dialog box should appear. This is where you select the file to extract, here you select your data.cpk file. Click OK.
  4. A third and final dialog box will appear, this is a folder selection box, use this to select the empty data folder in the main patch directory. Click OK.
  5. It may take a couple minutes to do its work, so let it be.

Step #7: Apply the patch! (Yay!)

How to apply the Patch to the Data Folder (Version 0.2 and Up)

  1. Inside the main patch directory, double click on “Run_To_Patch.bat”
  2. A black screen will appear and text will flow past, when finished it will say “Press any key to continue . . .”, when you do the box will disappear.
  3. Proceed to next step.

NOTE: Running the Run_To_Patch.bat file will create a data.cpk file, so you may skip Step #8 if you wish. However, Step #8 creates a data.cpk file with a different size which may affect your results. Pick which ever step you find works best for your PSP or emulator.

Step #8: Recreate the data.cpk file.

How to recreate the data.cpk file from the data folder (Skip if you used Run_To_Patch.bat)

  1. In the tools>>crifilesystem folder,  run the program called CriPackedFileMaker.exe.
  2. There is a Open icon near the top right corner, click on it.
  3. Navigate to your data folder and select it, click ok.
  4. In the bottom right should be a button, Build CPK file…, click it.
  5. A save menu will appear, you can choose where to save it, by default it will over write the original file if in the same folder as the data folder. This will be ok.
  6. The other settings should be set as followed.
    • Data Align: 2048
    • File Mode: Filename
    • Try Compression: deselected
    • Mask directories information: deselected
  7. Click Start to Build.
  8. Take another break and let it run.

Step #9: Add data.cpk back into the game.

How to Add the New data.cpk and Other Files to the ISO:

  1. Run UMDgen v3.50 again.
  2. Open your ISO again.
  3. Open the PSP_GAME folder followed by USRDIR again.
  4. Right click data.cpk (the original one, not the new one you just created) and select delete.
  5. Drag and drop your new data.cpk  into where the old one was.
  6. In the movies folder, delete opening.pmf and replace it with the opening.pmf file from the patch .zip file.
  7. Save the ISO, it will not allow you to overwrite the old file so create a new ISO filename.

Step #10: Final Step!!

Connect your PSP via USB to your computer and add the new ISO you created to your ISO folder on your PSP’s memory.

Now everything is done!  Turn on your PSP and play.

How to Update with a Newer Patch

Repeat the instructions from How to apply the Patch to the Data Folder onwards. If you run into trouble doing this, please restart from the beginning.


252 thoughts on “.hack//Link

  1. I don’t know if it is just me, but the patch 0.4 isn’t 90% translated. It looks the same as the patch 0.3.5. I see no dialogues translated, most of emails translated, or even the timeline.

    I hope I am not missing something because I’ve done all steps correctly.


    1. The 90% figure is based on number of lines, and it only includes the M and S files. The remaining 10% NOT TRANSLATED includes the emails and timeline and many other extras.

      All dialogue is translated, so if your game is still in Japanese when characters are talking, you didn’t patch correctly.


      1. You say all dialogues are translated. Well, here’s how I had done mutliple ways to patch:

        – Reextracted data.cpk from ISO.
        – Delete all patch files and redownload 0.4, then extracted all files from data.cpk.
        – Renaming ISO.
        – Starting a new game.

        None of those resolved my issue.

        There is one thing, however, I had noticed that all dialogues in skits are translated. That’s all.


      2. The Talk commands (in root towns, in the Grand Whale, etc) and some story related dialogues aren’t translated, like in SIGN arc, when meeting Tsukasa for the first time there are a few dialogues that weren’t translated. I has yet to report the rest because I just finished SIGN arc, however I will when I do.

        Again, the skits are the only ones I’ve seen that’s fully translated, as well as reported by my friend.


      1. I confirm too on chapter 4 specifically after zoning into the dungeon. The intro scene with MC/Sora/Tsukasa/Crim is in Japanese. But afterwards the ending scene and onwards seem to be fine. (So far)


  2. I followed the instructions for the 0.4.1 patch, but for some reason when i go to boot up the game in ppsspp the game is still in japanese and not english.


  3. Just tried this. First, awesome quality with the translation 🙂

    However, is it normal for the character names to be in Japanese in the beginning with Kite? The texts themselves are in English, but the names are in Japanese. Also, when Kite asked me an intimacy question, the question and answers were both in Japanese. I’ve only found out about this translation today, so is this normal for version .41?


    1. Yeah, that’s all normal. The character names as well as questions are kept in separate files. As for the names, I can’t translate them because if I edit the file, it renders the game unplayable. I haven’t figured out how to fix that yet. And I simply haven’t gotten around to the questions file.

      It may take a while, but I’ll eventually finish translating everything, or at least everything related to the story depending on how many problems I run into.

      Keep checking back for news.


  4. Downloaded the lastest patch. Everything was going fine (other than grammar dialog errors), until i get to .hack//roots. The twilight brigade heads to Hidden Forbidden Battle field and I run up to the middle. Dialog starts with Sakisaka and Haseo, but there’s nothing in the dialog box and the game crashes (the voice line plays though). I’ve restarted the psp a few times to no avail, I can’t continue the story.
    I use a PSP 3000
    Pro firmware.


  5. The reason it wasn’t working was because I didn’t have Java installed like I thought I had. Once I installed Java and redid the patch it’s now in english when I run it through ppsspp


  6. Hello, I recently just jumped into playing this game I just got to say that you guys did a fantastic job in making this translation. I’m just hooked into this game thanks to you guys and I’m so glad to have done so since im a huge fan of .hack. However, I do have a few questions.

    The version that I’m playing this game is mirage mutation patch 3. I would love to update it to your most recent patch but I was wondering, would the game completely reset by doing so for example, erasing my whole entire progress after I have completed the game and extras, or would it update and keep my progress of what I’ve done so far? I would really love to know instead of risking hours of lost data and fun I had with this game.

    Thank you and continue to make this translation awesome! 😁


      1. Character names are in a file that, for some reason, causes the game to become unplayable if it is edited. If I can find out why, I’ll fix the issue and change the names, but for now they have to be untranslated for the game to start properly.


    1. I haven’t gotten to those yet. The events are in other files that I haven’t looked at yet. Certain parts of the game menus are images, so editing them will be difficult if not impossible since I don’t really understand how to replace images in the game. Any text, however, I’ll eventually get to.


  7. Woah. I haven’t checked on the LINK translation in a few years and now, after picking up that new //GU collection, I fondly remembered it was a thing.

    It’s really nice to see a lot of progress being made on it. I’m excited for when you’re ready for a full release! Great job!


  8. since it seems the dothackers Site’s down (gives 403 Forbidden, just noticed this in some long diolouge boxes on Real hardware, https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/372885436936355860/391857963867832320/20171217_024320.jpg?width=1202&height=677 (sorry i had sent it to a friends Discords gaming channel when the issue came up and was fastest way to get it off my phone) the text boxes and screen seem sto run off-display a bit. on the left. (US- PSP1k)


  9. sorry if this has been asked, but will the link judges be translated in the final patch? Also for some reason the opening movie that plays before the title screen is black, i can still hear the opening music but there is no video, i am using the 0.4.5 patch that was released on the 28th. i replaced the file in umdgen with the file that was in the patch folder.


    1. Yes, Link Judges will be fully translated.

      Also, you should have no issue with the video on either PPSSPP or a real PSP. Try following the directions over again from the beginning. If you still get a black screen, redo the patch but skip the video skip.


  10. Nice work guys. Btw, i would like to ask about .dat file in psp. how to open it? what program? i would like to try to translate dlc file in .dat format. i know it is not the right place to ask but since you guys are translating game i just wonder you can help me. thanks


    1. Unfortunately the project is down to just me and I have limited programming knowledge, so i don’t really know how to deal with .dat files. But I find Notepad++ often shows data within files pretty well, so if there’s translatable text, it would probably show up there. Otherwise, I’m not sure.

      Frankly, the game has a lot of text, not sure why you’d want to translate it. But if you do get the files translated and working in the game, would you mind sharing them with me?


      1. Sure why not? But the problem now is when I open the .dat dlc file in notepad++ and set the character to shift+JIS, I can see japanese text with something like DC3, NULL and some other eeird character. I guess it is not load properly on notepad++. I will try to convert .dat to .bin and try from there. Hopefully it works.


      2. Those weird characters are actually normal. They’re instructions for displaying the text. Edit the text around the characters, but don’t remove the characters unless you know what they do and need to remove them, otherwise it’ll likely cause problems in the game.


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