Welcome to the secondary official page for the unofficial fan translation of .hack//Link!

Since the game’s release in 2010, it has not been released outside of Japan. After over five years it seems unlikely that it will ever see an official English localization, so it has become the task of a small group of individuals to bring this game to English-speaking audiences.

A previous patch was developed by another team, but has since been dropped. To the best of our knowledge this is the only other patch in existence and this being the case, it is the most complete patch to date. We highly recommend you use our patch for the fullest enjoyment of the game if you do not read Japanese.

Without further ado, here’s all you need to know about the team, the patch, and how to get it working!

Current Members of this Team

  • Kuukai – Will be translating the story elements.
  • JunBansyoya – Making things work, Translating menus.
  • Keii – Will be translating the story elements.
  • Kazetrigger – Will be translating the story elements, testing.
  • Angga – Will be translating story elements.
  • Deniz/Falions – Will be translating story elements.


Translation Phase

Translation Project found here: http://dothackers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=18285

Animated scenes: 100% (DONE!)

  • 81/81 Files
  • Total Lines: 2,944
  • Translated Lines: 2,944
  • Percent Complete: 100%

Standard Dialogue: 100% (DONE!)

  • “M” Files: 880/880
  • “S” Files: 1,149/1,149
  • Total Files: 2,029/2,029
  • Total Lines: 61,552
  • Translated Lines: 61,552
  • Percent Complete: 100%

Items/Extras/E-Mails: 100% (DONE!)

  • 22/22 Files
  • Total Lines: 40,649
  • Translated Lines: 40,649
  • Percent Complete: 100%

Overall: 105,145/105,145
Total Files: 2,132/2,132
Total Percent Complete: 100%

Release Schedule
v0.0 – “Shadow Signs” – Released August 2011
A movie version of the main story based on the patch for those who don’t want to play the whole game. The final videos have been released to Youtube.

v0.1 – “Terror Infection” – Released September 2012
A basic main story patch that covers all the manga scenes and FMVs, and enough conversations for you to understand the gist of the major plotlines. Game text, emails, and non-essential events in the main story (even some Schicksal bosses) will probably be excluded. Basically the same thing as Shadow Signs but playable, with 100% of the animated scenes included, and with better editing.

v0.2 – “Mirage Mutation” – Released June 2014
This patch will incorporate the emails and dialogues that are bridged by “narration” in Shadow Signs. More boss battles, more system text, and more key scenes will be translated. Some sidequests will be translated. Known errors in Terror Infection will be fixed. The first few chapters of the game will be completely translated, and using just the patch you will be able to follow the main story from beginning to end without more confusion than if you knew Japanese.

v0.2.1 – “Mirage Mutation X” – Released December 2014
Added dialogue and made corrections from v0.2.

v0.2.2 – “Mirage Mutation X2” – Released April 2015
A ~60% completion celebratory release. This will keep users tied over until v0.3 is released.

v0.2.3 – “Mirage Mutation X3” – Released June 2015
More dialog and a subtitled version of the opening FMV.

v0.3 – “Propagation Outbreak” – Released October 2016
For this patch the focus will be on the all the “M” files, that is, the main quests. Little in the way of extras will be done.

v0.3.5 – “Propagation Outbreak EX” – Released January 2017
I will release a patch on this day which will encompass everything I have done up to this point, no matter how much or how little. It will nonetheless, contain new translations for many items, some extras, some e-mails and some S-files.

v0.4 – “Prophet Quarantine” – Released August 2017
This patch will include “S” files, that is, the side-quests, some skits, and some extras. Some files will be cleaned up for grammar and spelling, but many files will still need grammar correction.

v0.4.1 – “Prophet Quarantine II” – Released August 2017
This patch fixes missing lines from the previous patch, completes the menu and tutorial displays, and corrects many spelling, grammar and capitalization mistakes. 

v0.4.5 – “Prophet Quarantine III” – Released December 2017
This patch includes all e-mails plus some small fixes. E-mails were not completely checked for errors. Those will be fixed in the next patch. This patch completes the story, though plot errors and mistranslations persist.

v1.0.0 – “Hero Tokio” – Released October 2018
This patch will include the rest of the game that can be translated. Some text, such as Link Judges, are currently untranslatable in this release, but such text has no bearing on the story. Any remaining errors or glitches will be fixed insofar as it is possible. This version is considered full and complete in regards to story. Any versions going beyond version 1.0 will be added merely for issues that were previously missed.

v1.0.1 – “Hero Tokio” – Released November 2018
This patch includes fixes for several hundred translation errors, spelling mistakes, style issues, text length problems, and incorrectly placed item references. Several more freezing issues have been corrected, but many still remain. Previously untranslated material is still left untranslated. Hopefully a future update will allow this material to be finished.

v1.0.2 – “Hero Tokio” – Released December 2018
This patch corrects several translation errors missed in previous patches.

Known Issues
-Some item shop and fskit menu pages crash the game. Some loading screens also freeze. This can be worked around by switching to the UMD, bypassing the scene, saving the game, and then switching back to the ISO.

FAQ (http://dothackers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=18285)
I have a question can I ask it?
Of course, but it would be appreciated if you read the thread and FAQ first, I know it is getting long but some questions have already been answered and not posted here. If you don’t feel like your question is answered feel free to ask, good questions will be added to this list.

Can I help?
Sure, if you got what it takes, Kuukai is screening people who are interested. Message me through this site or contact Kuukai at dothackers.net.

I cannot translate, can I help?
Yes! Play the game with the patch, and report any mistakes here! Only you can prevent typos!

When will this be done?
The story is complete, but some parts remain which require a programmer to update the patcher. Version 1.0.1 is considered final until these issues can be worked out.

Patch Info and Download

Mirage Mutation Patch v0.2 (June 6, 2014)

Mirage Mutation X Patch v0.2.1 (December 31, 2014)

Mirage Mutation X2 Patch v0.2.2 (April 19, 2015)

Mirage Mutation X3 Patch v0.2.3 (June 8, 2015)

Propagation Outbreak Patch v0.3 (October 12, 2016)

Propagation Outbreak EX Patch v0.3.5 (January 1, 2017)

Prophet Quarantine Patch v0.4 (August 4, 2017)

Prophet Quarantine II Patch v0.4.1 (August 24, 2017)

Prophet Quarantine III Patch v0.4.5 (December 28, 2017)

Hero Tokio Patch v1.0.0 (October 20, 2018)

Hero Tokio Patch v1.0.1 (November 11, 2018)

Hero Tokio Patch v1.0.2 (December 15, 2018)

1. How to Install

Step #1: Install a Custom Firmware (CFW) on to your PSP. This part is outside the scope of this guide, but CFW installation guides are easy to find on the web.

Step #2: a) You need to run Windows to use the software involved. If you do not have Windows, you must use Windows emulation software such as WINE if you are using Linux, but this is not guaranteed to work. Having Windows installed is your best best. 

b) Create a folder on your desktop as an easy place to store and find all the files you need to download.

Step #3: Make sure you have Java installed on your system (https://www.java.com/en/download/ for the latest version)

2. How to extract an ISO from your Universal Media Disc

This step is for people who own the original Universal Media Disc(UMD) of the game .hack//LINK, if you obtained an ISO through alternate methods you may skip this step.

We highly recommend you buy the game and support the developers, but given the ease with which one can find game ISO for download today, we cannot stop you from obtaining one through whatever method you choose.

If you’re going ahead with this step, you can follow these instructions to extract the ISO.

  1. The easiest method would be to use a build in feature of most CFW, you can start off by bringing up the CFW setting menu, generally it is accessed by pressing Select.
  2. In this menu you can change USB DEVICE to be UMD Disc using the D-Pad.
  3. Connect your PSP to your computer.
  4. Switch to USB mode, by going into Settings >> USB Connection
  5. Drag and drop the ISO file from the mounted drive to a safe location on your computer.

3. How to extract the DATA.cpk file from the ISO

The DATA.CPK file is the most important file in this ISO, this is a giant file that stores all resources used by this game. These files are used by the CRIware system, popular in Japanese games on various systems. For more information you can see their website.

  1. Run the  utility called UMDgen which is included in the above patch download.
  2. Open the ISO file in the program.
  3. The bottom window will look like a standard 2 pane file explorer, open the PSP_GAME folder followed by USRDIR.
  4. In that folder should be a file called data.cpk. Right-click it and select Extract Selected… from here a Save As dialog will open. Save it in a safe location.

4. How to extract the data from DATA.CPK

  1. Extract and run the QuickBMS program from the tools>>QuickBMS folder.
  2. A black screen and a Open File dialog box will appear. Select the cpk.bms file. Click OK.
  3. Another Open File dialog box should appear. This is where you select the file to extract, here you select your data.cpk file. Click OK.
  4. A third and final dialog box will appear, this is a folder selection box, use this to select the empty data folder in the main patch directory. Click OK.
  5. It may take a couple minutes to do its work, so let it be.

5. How to apply the Patch to the Data Folder (Version 0.2 and Up)

  1. Inside the main patch directory, double click on “Run_To_Patch.bat”
  2. A black screen will appear and text will flow past, when finished it will say “Press any key to continue . . .”, when you do the box will disappear.
  3. Proceed to next step.

NOTE: Running the Run_To_Patch.bat file will create a data.cpk file, so you may skip ahead to part #7. However, part #6 creates a data.cpk file with a different size which may affect your results. Pick which ever step you find works best for your PSP or emulator.

6. How to recreate the data.cpk file from the data folder (Skip if you used Run_To_Patch.bat)

  1. In the tools>>crifilesystem folder,  run the program called CriPackedFileMaker.exe.
  2. There is a Open icon near the top right corner, click on it.
  3. Navigate to your data folder and select it, click ok.
  4. In the bottom right should be a button, Build CPK file…, click it.
  5. A save menu will appear, you can choose where to save it, by default it will over write the original file if in the same folder as the data folder. This will be ok.
  6. The other settings should be set as followed.
    • Data Align: 2048
    • File Mode: Filename
    • Try Compression: deselected
    • Mask directories information: deselected
  7. Click Start to Build.
  8. Take another break and let it run.

7. How to Add the New data.cpk and Other Files to the ISO:

  1. Run UMDgen v3.50 again.
  2. Open your ISO again.
  3. Open the PSP_GAME folder followed by USRDIR again.
  4. Right click data.cpk (the original one, not the new one you just created) and select delete.
  5. Drag and drop your new data.cpk  into where the old one was.
  6. In the movies folder, delete opening.pmf and replace it with the opening.pmf file from the patch .zip file.
  7. Save the ISO, it will not allow you to overwrite the old file so create a new ISO filename.
  8. Connect your PSP via USB to your computer and add the new ISO you created to your ISO folder on your PSP’s memory.

8. Now everything is done!  Turn on your PSP or emulator and play!

How to Update with a Newer Patch

Repeat the instructions from 5. How to apply the Patch to the Data Folder onwards. If you run into trouble doing this, please restart from the beginning.

378 thoughts on “.hack//Link

  1. Maybe this is already fixed with patch 1.02:
    once you reach akashic record’s top floor, you talk with AIKA, all dialogs are missplaced leaving the last once untranslated


      1. Thanks. I found the issue and fixed it. Since it was only one change though, I may wait until more changes are made before I release a new patch version. The line you missed simply said to go back to the Grand Whale.


    1. Was this an isolated occurrence, or should I stick to 1.0.1 for now? Are there plays for a 1.0.3? I’ve never played the game before, and will be so sad if my game crashes out and I can’t finish!

      Thank you everyone for your hard work on this project!


      1. The game has several crash points. Just use the disk/ISO swap trick and you should be fine. You might miss a few lines of dialogue, but that’s all that can be done for now. If you use PPSSPP, you can have multiple multiple patched versions to swap back to to see which work for you in various crash situations.


  2. wow thank for translation on 1.0,2 but i got crash in story line in .hack.GU when i want to talk with atoli in crash in last story of .hack GU..so far play the game again XD after 6~7 year now i know the story Tq ^^ community


    1. Thanks. There are still crash and freezing issues. Please try the PPSSPP emulator if you’re using a real PSP, or vice versa. Hopefully in the future I can fix the issues, but for now you’ll have to try different patches or use the disk swap trick.


  3. So I’ve used this patch before and I didn’t have any issues but trying to add the patches this time it doesn’t seem to be working. Normally I notice that after the initial tutorial the whale will have the menus and emails displayable in english along with the normal menus, but it doesn’t seem like anything has changed. I’ve used both patch methods to see if I’d done anything wrong but I cant figure out what I might have done wrong.


    1. I’m not sure what you mean here. Did you patch the game and it’s still all in Japanese, or did you patch and you didn’t notice any differences from the previous patch. The newest patch doesn’t change a whole lot. If you’re having trouble patching, trying looking up a prepatched ISO of the game.


  4. I think that I’m understand words Miyouri. I’m several times accept the last patch 1.0.2 on Japanese version. In result no change from original version. Language of image left is Japan. I want to understand why?


  5. I’m solved the problem. From change the computer I’m missed moment about software. Problem was in Java is off. Now all works.


  6. Not sure why, “Hero Tokio” patch 1.0.2 still contains untranslated dialogues when a Link Judge appears. Also applies to dialogues from Cross Rengeki, event names and descriptions in the Akashic Moment, name tag in dialogue buddles, and non-story dialogues. I am not sure about the rest of others, but that’s what I found in the beginning of the game.

    I used a clean and new ISO file, patched it with 1.0.2 using the provided patching software here and I’ve followed the instructions exactly. And no I’d prefer not to look up online for prepatched ISO. I don’t want to take any risks for viruses. Thank you.


      1. Ah, that sounds good. However, your post is pretty misleading. It says “100%” complete, which had me believed everything is completely translated, besides graphical ones.

        My fault. Thank you for your hard work though! Hope to see more from this project.


      2. Yeah, you’re right, it’s isn’t completely clear. I meant 100% of the story is complete. Perhaps next time I update I’ll do some proofreading on the page.


  7. There are some bits that are un translated, I recently started playing, for starters the question Kite asks in the tutorial and the answers to it are un translated and when you are in the Grand Whale if you try to explore more of it (this is right after the tutorial) Saika Amagi’s dialogue admonishing Tokio/Telling him to pick Mac Anu timeline, is also un translated.


    1. I am aware. Unfortunately all that text is currently untranslatable and will have to be ignored until a new patcher can be created. Luckily the text does not affect the story. The instructions on what they all mean are in this download page that you commented on.


      1. Ok, I got a new random freeze after the .hack sign story, when Subaru and the others send you an email in 2020, and now that I am about to enter the G.U story line, the database Freezes the game (Mail>Database).


  8. Im kinda frustrated i got a freeze in the last story point ot G.U. when i have to talk to Atoli…what can i do? i dont understand this “umd swap” trick, if i use a unpatched version of the game will that work to get past it? ty for translating the game in any case.


    1. Yes, the UMD swap trick works like this:

      If you have the actual game:
      Save your patched game before the freeze. You put the UMD into your PSP and play from the UMD. You play past the freezing section and save the game at the earliest point possible. Then load the game from the patched ISO again and continue onward.

      If you have an unpatched ISO:
      Save your patched game before the freeze. You load the unpatched ISO to your PSP and play from it. You play past the freezing section and save the game at the earliest point possible. Then load the game from the patched ISO again and continue onward.


  9. Do you guys intend to polish this patch?
    I see quite a few texts here and there still untranslated.
    It doesn’t really affect the main story but still…


    1. I do intend to do so, but I currently need a programmer or several programmers who can’t help fix some issues with the patching system. May not happen any time soon. For now, consider this current patch the final version. I hope to return to it someday


  10. There are still somethings left untranslated in my experience. Like the menus,dialog during fights,event names,that sort of thing.


  11. Just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work. You are wonderful and I wish you a new year as worry free as possible. Thank you.


  12. So I found a new issue with the Hero Tokio Patch 1.01 during boss fights early game it freezes when you access your menu for healing items. This has happened twice already with me. Other than that a great experience. I appreciate everything this team has done.


  13. primero que nada muchas gracias por el parche, es maravilloso poder entender un juego como este (bueno en parte ayudado x mi diccionario XD )

    recuerdo cuando tenia 15 años y encontre en la televisión el opening obsesion de hack sign, este me cautivo y animo a ver la serie que poseia una trama madura y muy diferente a lo que habia visto antes por aca en sudamerica,

    pasaron varios años y cierto dia vi en la tienda de juegos piratas de la ps2 el hack gu ,recorde el nombre y compre el juego; la historia de haseo tambien era maravillosa, y asi pasaron los años sabia que habian mas historias pero me era dificil conseguirlas o quiza simplemente me olvide de hack 😦

    cuando mi novia me regalo la psp, comence a ver los juegos que existian y encontre el hack link, estaba listo para jugarlo pues me entere que daba final a la saga entera sin embargo que este en japones me desanimo, queria jugarlo lo intente pero hack es una saga donde las historias realmente importan.

    asi paso el tiempo y encontre esta pagina, no saben lo mucho que me alegre al saber que podria jugar este juego y terminar mi historia con la saga hack, poder volver a ver a esos PC o en nuestro caso NPC me hacia feliz 🙂

    hoy acabo de terminar el juego y valla que valio la pena la espera, aprovecho para explicar algunas cosas x si alguien hispanohablante me lee

    !) cuando se refieren a cambiar el umd, es realmente eso: tienes que descargar la version japonesa y desde ahi abrir el juego, pasar el dialogo donde el juego crashea (atoli cuanto me hiciste renegar XD ) y continuar

    2) pasa lo mismo con algunos mails, x ejem a subaru nunca le pude responder; lo mismo pasa con la database varias veces crashea el juego (algo que hacia yo era abrirla en la version japonesa y marcar todo como leido y de ahi ya abrirla en la version parcheada y se podia leer algunos archivos, aunque a veces crashea)

    3) cuando termines todos puntos del post game, faltaran varios que no se pueden jugar; creo que tiene que ver con poner unos codigos en el apodo del personaje o algo asi, pero no se como obtenerlos y japones menos (pobre ovan se quedo convertido x siempre 😦


    1) el juego tiene muy buenos giros argumentales, como se hace querer flugel de villano paso a ser mi personaje acompañante favorito en el postgame XD si este juego hubiera salido en ps3 hubiera sido mas reconocido y quiza tendria el lugar de sao

    2) creo que hay una final extra pero tienen que habilitarse las misiones con codigo, mientras tanto solo me queda llorar x aika 😦

    creo que dije todo
    muchas gracias por esta traduccion


  14. Should the text require waiting for the correct letters to show up? Many times, the text shows up completely garbled and I have to wait for the game to “catch up”, so to speak, and load the correct letters.


  15. hmm Hello.. I tried to click on the Hero Tokio Patch v1.0.2 (December 15, 2018) but nothing would happen nor the link before that or the one before it… is it by any chance removed or something ? I really really looking forward to play this game in English Dub x.x


      1. Unfortunately it is still not working for me. tried multiple different browser as well thinking it might have been Opera that having issue. but Issue still exist. tried my brother’s Pc and it still doesn’t work as well.. so not sure where’s the issue is.


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