.hack//Link translation hits 80%!

As the name suggests, we are now at 80% of the game’s story. There are some files not included in this figure, but they are smaller things like the end credits and a few things that may have to go untranslated since changing them seems to break the game. Some programming may be required to […]

IXI! Studios Let’s Play!

IXI! Studios┬áhas started a playthrough of .hack//Link with a twist. They’ll be playing the game on a HMD/VR headset. This provides a few neat features of immersion. They even have a commentary. So, check it out!   Also note that when .hack is fully translated, provided there are no issues preventing me from doing so, […]

CC2 releases new Bullet chapters!

CC2 is keeping on schedule this time and chapters 35 and 36 of Bullet have been uploaded online. I have been working diligently to provide you with a little of everything. I have been working on Bullet, Link, Guilty Dragon, New World, and now I am starting to translate the important story elements of Versus. […]

Added Page for Guilty Dragon

Now that New World is almost done, I’ve started putting a little time into Guilty Dragon. So, I created a page for it in the projects section where you can find the Let’s Play videos and a translation of the script. The script will be updated as I translate it and I’ll add PDFs for […]