.hack//Link translation hits 80%!

As the name suggests, we are now at 80% of the game’s story. There are some files not included in this figure, but they are smaller things like the end credits and a few things that may have to go untranslated since changing them seems to break the game. Some programming may be required to get them working, but they won’t affect your understanding of the story.


9 thoughts on “.hack//Link translation hits 80%!

  1. I found a text error during the 1st Roots chapter when Shino’s introducing Tokio to the twilight brigade. There is a line that says Shino is talking but, the dialogue is Tokio’s.


  2. I have come across several text errors. I am unsure whether they are reported or not. a few examples are when Sakisaka is leaving the brigade and Tabby is calling out to him as “Shisho” aka Teacher, however it is written as Shino. Another is when Tokio is talking to Kuhn as soon as they enter the arena. Tokio basically asks Kuhn if he knows himself and he says “No I don’t know him.” I think a more accurate translation is “Hey Kuhn, Do you know Haseo’s reason for participating in the Arena?” and Kuhn would respond likely with “No, I don’t know.” or something to that effect. I will post more if you wish.


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