.hack//Bullet Finally Updated!

CC2 has finally released chapters 33 and 34 of .hack//Bullet which means that we finally have more of Flugel’s story to read. This should be interesting. I’ll get to work soon on finishing chapters 31 and 32 of Bullet and catch up. The chapter list has also been updated to includes chapters up to 42. This […]

.hack//New World to End Service

As many of you know, .hack//New World is shutting down its servers in December. I will be working to complete the game’s story and upload all parts to my YouTube Channel in the next two months. Soon after, I will start translating Guilty Dragon and New World. Anyone who would like to help, please send […]

.hack//Link Ver 0.3 Released!

So I decided to work hard and release the game a couple of days early. All M files are now complete. There will likely be edits for mistakes and consistency in the future, but this patch will give you an understanding of the main story. Go here for instructions on how to patch: https://dothacktranslate.wordpress.com/projects/hacklink-english-fan-translation/ Go here […]

.hack//Link hits 75%!

Hello all! Today .hack has reached the three-quarter mark. There’s still much to be done, but I hope to have patch o.3 out in September. I also updated the download page slightly to clarify some instructions for installation. It seems a lot people are still unaware that we know about the freezing issue. There is […]

Checking in!

Just letting you all know that progress is steady. I updated the latest numbers. Just 76 files left to the main story. I’m not as fast as I’d like to be, but it’s better than nothing. Work is taking up a lot of my time. In other news, I have the entire .hack//Versus storyline recorded […]

Still going…

I’m still translating .hack//Link. There are now only 100 files left in the main quests! Don’t get too excited, since that’ll be another 2-3 months work at my current schedule, but I’m adamant about finishing this.