Some Bad News

.hack//Translate is now down to one member again. The great people who were helping me sadly had to stop due to how busy life is. I too have less time to put into this project, but I would like to finish it. My main goals are to finish .hack//Link and .hack//Bullet. I would like to […]

I’m back

Sorry about the lack of updates over the past couple of months. I was very busy with school, but I graduated and now it’s summer break. I’ll be job hunting starting from now on, but until I get a new job, I’ll have some extra time to return to translation. There are approximately 12,000 lines […]

Guilty Dragon Content Added!

Sorry for  the lack of updates. School has me busy, but I have uploaded the setting, character list, and prologue of Guilty Dragon in PDF format for you to download. CHECK THEM OUT HERE: I am currently editing Act 1, Chapters 1-10 and will hopefully upload those by next week.   I am still working […]

New World and Bullet News

CC2 has released some new material today. They have released chapter 38 of Bullet, so I’m excited to continue translating that story. And they have add the entire main story of New World online to read, so that will make translating the story much easier for me. I have uploaded a PDF file of all […]