New World and Bullet News

CC2 has released some new material today. They have released chapter 38 of Bullet, so I’m excited to continue translating that story. And they have add the entire main story of New World online to read, so that will make translating the story much easier for me. I have uploaded a PDF file of all […]

.hack//New World Finished!

Barring any extras added to the game before it shuts down, I have completed the game up to and including the Epilogue. Some interesting details were revealed and I have uploaded all the content to my Youtube Channel. I’ll hopefully begin translating New World soon. Link and Bullet are still top priorities though.

.hack//Link translation hits 80%!

As the name suggests, we are now at 80% of the game’s story. There are some files not included in this figure, but they are smaller things like the end credits and a few things that may have to go untranslated since changing them seems to break the game. Some programming may be required to […]

IXI! Studios Let’s Play!

IXI! Studios┬áhas started a playthrough of .hack//Link with a twist. They’ll be playing the game on a HMD/VR headset. This provides a few neat features of immersion. They even have a commentary. So, check it out!   Also note that when .hack is fully translated, provided there are no issues preventing me from doing so, […]