You Found Me: Epilogue

Crying Princess: Ahh… with this… have I disappeared? At last… at last!

DD: The Crying Princess?

Crying Princess: I could disappear… Therefore, I needed you.

The Crying Princess looked at you ――

Crying Princess: You were able find me… I who wished to perish.

Nymril: Was the Crying Princess also born with a desire for self-destruction? It is sad that those who destroy themselves wanted to die the most. However, the Catalyst System… the inexhaustible fears and desires of people… does not allow it.

DD: “The Lake of Tears will not die until sorrow floods this world.”

The Crying Princess, who weeps from carrying everyone’s sorrow, is stained with fear and greed, is twisted and bent…

Crying Princess: I… people’s desires… are too many…

DD: I cry only when I want to cry.

I keep sad things and happy things separate.

So, you don’t have to cry anymore.

Just smile and fade away…

Crying Princess: Ah… I have become stronger…

(Anger Rising…)

Julia: The Crying Princess is fading away…

Shannon: Yeah… her face is so calm.

This is the Crying Princess’s true face…

DD: I couldn’t create the ending to the Crying Princess’ fairy tale, so is it okay like this?

Maria: “Then no one saw the tears of the Crying Princess… and they lived happily… ever… after.”

How was that?

DD: Not very original.

Well, it wasn’t too bad, was it?

Nymril spoke to you

Nymril: When you inherited the “King’s Eyes,” you hadn’t asked for anything…

You discovered the Crying Princess’ wish to disappear and you received it.

You discovered Algiers’ wish and received it.

Ha, is it some trick by the goddess?

Nymril turned away

Nymril: Back in the forest you all were blessed by the miracle that you met there.


Julia: So, should we go back now?

Shannon: Yes, there’s much we still have to do.

Maria: We can’t let the game of hide-and-seek end…

DD: Huh…
1. Let’s return to the Home!
2. Let’s go look now!


Selected 1:

Julia: You can’t help but be surprised about Algiers…

Besides, we’re not totally hopeless, right?

Shannon: Well, I believe we will see.

Barizo: Oh, that’s right!

Maria: Wait a second… we can’t pretend we don’t notice.

Why are you here, Bari?

Barizo: It’s okay, isn’t it? We’re friends, right?

Julia: …Are you sure about that?

DD: I seem to feel very strange being here…

Aren’t you blending in too much?

Barizo: You don’t have to tell me… well?

Barizo asked for your consent

Julia: Hey, aren’t you worried?

Is it a big problem if you think you’ll be pampered forever?

Barizo: I don’t remember being pampered.

Maria: That’s right…

Your extensive love life is just an illusion…

Barizo: Damn… if only I had more power…

DD: Yeah yeah, why don’t you go adventuring in this place until you’re exhausted?

Elzara: It seems you guys didn’t get caught up in a commotion today.

Julia: Long time no see, Elzara.

Isn’t it so peaceful here?

Elzara: It is, recently Death Eaters have declined and we can hunt normally.

…By the way, did you hear about Gul Khan?

Shannon: Well… is it about Gul Khan’s player?

Elzara: As expected, you’re very perceptive.

Actually, he was injured. I asked an acquaintance of his and went to see him.

Julia: Oh, really?

Elzara: He said he won’t be returning to The World for a while.

Now that the Death Eaters have decreased, there’s no need to argue with him. It’s disappointing.

DD: I guess there’s a lot to consider. Not much we can do, is there?

Elzara: You’ve gone soft.

I also received a personal apology, so it is nice to have reconciled.

Maria: Haha… that’s…

Elzara: …It seems you’re expecting something, but nothing in particular?

Maria: Oh dear…

Elzara: Well, I think I’ll get going.

I wish you good hunting.

Shannon: Yes, thank you so much.

DD: The Crying Princess has disappeared and little by little the world seems to be returning to normal.

Julia: Yeah… but our adventure continues.

An adventure called finding Algiers!

From across the wind blowing in the meadow,
you felt like you heard a girl’s laughter.


Selected 2:

Julia: We fought the Crying Princess just now…

You were too quick to act, geez!

Shannon: Does it really matter?

I want to find her as soon as possible.

DD: You’re all fine… so, I’ll accompany you,

at least until the child is found, no matter how long it takes.

Maria: You’ll genuinely come on this journey, DD?


DD: Oh, shut it.

Lulu: Algiers, come out!

Yoshino: It’s lunch time, come and get some!

Julia: Be considerate and please come out!

Shannon: Huh…

DD: What’s wrong?

Shannon: If this wish is to be realized in The World, we should ask as many people as possible to help.

Maria: You’re right. That way there’s a better chance Algiers will come home.

Julia: Well then, shall we get others involved?

Shannon: Yeah, Lulu and Yoshino, let’s work together, okay?

Lulu: Please leave it to me!

I’m good at treasure hunting!

Yoshino: Somehow I feel different…

Well, good night.

Shannon: We will meet her again soon… for sure…


You felt that that day was not too far away…