Chapter 30: Reboot

He was standing in darkness.

He saw nothing and heard nothing.

He felt nothing and knew nothing.

Where is this place, he thought.

For quite some time, he felt as though he were speaking.

Right now, he felt as though he had just come to this place.

Which way do I go, he thought.

He considered it, looked around, and thought about it some more. He didn’t know what to do.

When an idea didn’t come to him, he tried to move, but he couldn’t.

His body was not there.

The liquid-like darkness enveloped and digested his body to its original state. It was as though he were completely trapped.

He had a feeling like he was beginning to mix with his surroundings, like he was becoming liquid himself. He felt like he was spread out endlessly, like he completely covered this “world.”

Then, he was nothing but a single consciousness floating in the vast darkness.

Once again, where is this place, he thought.

Just then, he realized that he suddenly somehow knew the answer. He remembered. The word “world” roused him and revived his memory.

Of course, he thought, this is Hell.


He received neither the light nor the warmth of the sun.

It was a place where an endless torrent of desire continually overflowed. A place where terrible screams and ominous cries roared.

A place he shouldn’t have been led to.


Now he was being awakened from a sweet sleep like coming out of a deep hole, as if a ravenous beast had devoured a chunk of the darkness.

Absorbing the darkness, the fluttering feelings drifting in the darkness vanished without a trace, and instead, a dull back pain and fatigue rushed into his PC body.

He began to wake up, and like the darkness that wandered into his dream just now, his immediate vicinity was covered in a night like the black hole.

He tried to stand up, but felt a sudden dizziness and stopped moving.

A pressure permeated all throughout him from his body coming into contact with this “world.” The electricity that exists all throughout cyberspace took hold of his spirit and shaved it off. It was slicing at his life.

He’d been prepared. He expected there to be danger.

However, this “world” was a harsher place than he thought.

And that’s why it was a suitable stage for testing his commitment.

He took a deep breath, focused on his senses, and thought of the mission he had yet to complete.

He thought about the light he had to figure out.

He thought about the goddess.

As he did so, his dizziness subsided a little.

He thought about the goddess’ location, a “garden,” that he had to discover and get to.

Then his soul’s righteousness would be proven.

There was supposed to be a light there.

It was supposed to be full of light.

The unclean darkness that seeped into his body would be peeled away and the most wonderful “Flash” of Heaven would brightly illuminate his presence.

A little more. If he could just withstand this hell for a little longer…

Arrangements would be ready by June 8th.

Arrangements to send the rats into every connected computer terminal.

Until then. It all happens then.


Two days remain.