View-count Milestones!

Thank you to everyone for the support! .hack//Translate has reached 22,000 views and has achieved over 3000 views for the month of April, the best month yet, with an average of over 100 views per day! That may not be much in the grand scheme, but it gives me hope that the .hack community is […]

New Project to Come!

Upon completion of the .hack//Link translation, I intend to do a full Let’s Play with commentary to be placed on Youtube. The LP will feature commentary about the game, its place within the .hack franchise, how the story affects other parts of the series, as well as general insights into the translation process. It will […]

Call for QCers, Translators and Programmers

In an effort to finish the game faster, and to ensure proper functioning of the game, I am putting out a call for the following roles: Translators: -Must be able to at minimum read Japanese at an intermediate level. Listening comprehension is not required but will be a major asset in helping determine how best […]

.hack//Link English Patch v0.2.2 Released!

Hey everyone. The game has hit the 60% mark, so to celebrate, I’m releasing this new version of the patch. About 200 new story files have been translated this time around. It’s not as much as I would have liked, but it should keep fans tied over until the main story is complete in v0.3. […]