.hack//Link English Patch v0.2.2 Released!

Hey everyone. The game has hit the 60% mark, so to celebrate, I’m releasing this new version of the patch. About 200 new story files have been translated this time around. It’s not as much as I would have liked, but it should keep fans tied over until the main story is complete in v0.3. It may take another month or two to get that version complete, so enjoy this patch. Let us know of any issues at dothackers!

Click here for the patch!


15 thoughts on “.hack//Link English Patch v0.2.2 Released!

  1. Again, thanks to all the team for this work you are doing for all the fans over the world.
    I just wanted to report a bug. I was testing my new iso with your new patch and it seems that the game freeze when you try to read your email when you are in the main hall.


    1. I believe this is actually an extension of the same bug. The bug that freezes the game seems to happen in all te same spots, so you may have just discovered a new spot that was untranslated previously. Until a fix is found, you’ll have to use the workaround on the game’s info page.


      1. Ah thats what I figured, translation is looking good so far. Are the words in the menu saved as images?


      2. Not that I’m aware of. But the system text is a large files of thousands and thousands of lines, so the menu is buried deep in the middle of it. It may take a me a while to get to it.


    1. There’s a few tools you can use to extract the files from the game. Once the files are out though, you can read the CCS files with a notepad program like Notepad++. I didn’t extract the text myself though. Kuukai was more involved with that aspect. If you want to read the files, you can use Notepad++. If you’re interested in translating, it would be great if you could help.


      1. Unfortunately, my japanese is really bad, like practically non-existent, I just like messing around with files. For example, did you know that in the data/menu folder there are a bunch of ccs files that contain no text, but images? The one called mainmenu.ccs has the menu text, but that fancy font you see in the game is actually an image.


      2. Yeah, I was aware of that. Unfortunately I don’t have much experience editing images professionally, and we are interested in improving the quality of the font in the game since it doesn’t match well with English characters. Is that something you could help change?


      3. unfortunately I too have no experience with image editing. I am playing the game to look for typos, that’s actually the best I can do for you. I really appreciate your work and hope you keep it up.


  2. Thank you very much for your hard work!
    I wish I could help, but I barely understand Japanese and have no knowledge in programming. I’ll report bugs if I should find them (in case that they weren’t mentioned by others before).


  3. It’s kinda weird to say this but… Is there any other way to donate? I don’t really like paypal because they use credit cards and somehow accessing paypal.me is blocked in my country and i’m not brave enough to try using a VPN…
    Other than that, i really appreciate what u guys are doing 🙂


    1. Unfortunately there’s no other way right now. I’m considering setting up a patreon, but I don’t know yet. You can use debit and prepaid visas on Paypal too, I think, and I find it to be safe, but if you’re not comfortable with it, that’s okay. Just keep enjoying the .hack content.


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