Editing and Quality Assurance Phase

.hack//Link is just a few months away from being completely translated (insofar as I’m able to). I’ve started the editing and Quality check phase. Each day I play the same and edit file by file for spacing, grammar, spelling and style as well as plot errors. Things are starting to really come together. I’m about […]

Good news, bad news.

So, as you know, there are certain parts of the game that I currently cannot translate. The good news is, I now know which files they are and how to find them in the game data. The bad news is, changing even one character results in the game either crashing, freezing, or not even getting […]

Latest News

Hello, everyone. I haven’t posted in a while, so here’s the latest news on .hack//Translate. There are now less than 1000 lines left in .hack//Link. There are more, but I can’t edit those extra lines without breaking the game, so they may have to be skipped. Don’t worry, you don’t miss any story with these […]

.hack//Bullet Chapter 32 Uploaded!

It’s been a while, but I’ve finally returned to .hack//Bullet. Don’t worry, .hack//Link is still in progress, but I figured I’d give you all some other content in the mean time. This chapter is a very interesting one. Action-packed! READ HERE

Non-fiction work by Hiroshi Matsuyama

CC2’s Hiroshi Matsuyama recently posted about a novel. His name was attached so i was curious. It seems Mr. Matsuyana has written a light novel about an extraordinary event in his life. During the release of .hack//G.U., a young boy was suppose to undergo eye surgery that would leave him blind, but he desperately wanted […]