New Testament Novel ‘.hack’ has arrived!

Hi everyone, just when we thought .hack was dying, lots of new content springs up. There’s a PS4 remake of .hack//G.U. called Last Recode, and now a new online (or partly online?) novel called New Testament Novel ‘.hack’, which is about the original .hack games, this time with more info on the hero Kite and his real-life player.

Like .hack//Bullet, I will be backing up the story’s chapters and translating them for you all. Priority will be given to the other projects for now, but since the new novel seems shorter than some other projects, I may be able to translate the chapters and release them more quickly.

Stay tuned!


8 thoughts on “New Testament Novel ‘.hack’ has arrived!

  1. Hi! OMG, thank you so much!
    I am so happy you´re doing this for you love to the franchise! ❤ Honestly, your work is very amazing and I just wanna to say "thank you" 🙂


  2. .hack novels make me happy. I honestly think the novels are all really good and I am especially happy whenever they contain a bunch of real life info. I mean Kite is the iconic main character but we still barely know anything about him. Really looking forward to this novel.


  3. You are doing amazing work here. It is always a joy to see you resurface and become active once more. There are quire a few projects you’re tackling, but I have faith that you’ll get each done in time and in stride.


  4. Dude, you are awesome!! I´ve been a fan of this franchise since it´s beginnings but I had forgotten about HACK till the news about G.U.´s remaster hit my ears. Then I remembered about your work on LINK and decided to go back to search for all the missing content I hadn´t had the chance to read, including BULLET. You are like a savior to me XD if it weren’t for you we wouldn´t be able to enjoy all this amazing content that never got released outside Japan!!!

    I´m from Argentina, so look how far and wide your work reaches!! Since the only product that got released on my country is the Tasogare no Udewa manga, I had to buy the Spain volumes of XXXX, G.U.+, ALCOR and LINK but I still hadn´t read the novels so with this revival of the franchise I decided “screw it, I´m reading all of them this week” . As of now I´m reading Another Birth vol 3 (on PDF because i can´t get a physical copy 😦 ) and I had already read AI Buster 1 and 2 a long time ago, but I´m having troubles finding the G.U. Novels (All the Tokyopop product escape my reach given exportation and importation politics here), so if you could help me with that I would really appreciate it 😀

    Anyway, thanks for the translation and keep the good work! I´m doing what I can with my own project in Spanish to gather all the content that hadn´t released here translated when I have the time! I´m currently ending translation for the Sekai no Mukou Ni movie given that I don´t think there is a translation in Spanish. Also, I plan on doing the Thanatos Report ova when I have time. If possible, I would like to do some more work on the saga (like the unreleased mangas and novels or the ones that never made it in spanish hehe).
    Well, don´t budge and always remember that we appreciate your incredible effort!

    May the Twilight´s Dragon divine protection be with you.


    PD: Sorry if I screwed up somewhere. English is not my mother language XD


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