Patch Info

So, I have now completed the files that were previously missed and I checked through them to make sure nothing else is missing.


I will soon release a new patch V0.4.1 which will contain the corrections, but first I’d like to translate some more content.


I have also done some checking of the patch data, and it seems (BUT I HAVE NOT CONFIRMED THIS) that the patcher may not be patching all files. Some files contain text that doesn’t seem to be included in the main files I’ve been given to translate. To correct these, I’d have to translate them one file at a time and release the patch without a patcher and give you all a new set of instructions on how to patch the game. There are a few issues:

1. Some of the files are obviously not useful, but for some it is difficult to determine whether the game uses this text or not. So it may be a waste of time to work on these files or I  may be forced to slowly wade through hundreds of files just to find little scraps of text that the patcher couldn’t reach.

2. Some of these files are very sensitive. Changing one character could break the entire game, so I have to be careful to only change the necessary data. I’ll be sure to keep backups, but this could require a lot of testing, which will slow things down. For example, I translated the end credits file into English a few months ago, being careful to only change Japanese characters that were obviously names, and the game wouldn’t load anymore. Just a black screen.


For now, I’m going to concentrate on only the main files I’ve been given and this should hopefully cover the entire game, but if people are still missing translations in their games, I’ll have to wade through the game data and carefully edit a file at a time and test to see if anything breaks.


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