New World working again!

For some reason I ran into an issue with New World where it would always crash at the start screen. It took a while, but I finally have the game working again. I had to reinstall and backup my game data several times, but I can finally play. I’ll try to catch up and release more New World videos soon. The game difficulty has really gone up in the new chapters, so I’ll be doing some grinding off camera. So, it may seem like my levels are jumping all over the place and sometimes my party will change, but you won’t miss any story or events. I recently did some of the new SAO/.hack crossover event and it was pretty interesting, even if it was short.


8 thoughts on “New World working again!

  1. What was the SAO crossover about?
    I’ve only seen the costumes so far and I think the fairy A.I. (Yui or whatever her name was) appears in .hack.


    1. I didn’t translate it or read it thoroughly, but from what I gathered, Azure Flame Kite somehow transports into the SAO world and attacks the SAO characters. This causes them to transport to The World where they find that they can’t log out and they end up meeting the New World characters who help them defeat Azure Flame Kite.


      1. Please and thank you. I’ve been very excited for this next patch, and it’s been 2 years since I left the game half-finished. I stopped at G.U. because of the abundance of Japanese text. Is it worth it to continue or just wait?


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