It’s Here!!!

Guilty Dragon’s final quest has finally arrived! And boy was it exciting. I won’t spoil much until I translate the whole story, but here are some highlights:

-The Sin Dragon again appears and a few new characters stop by.

-Some old enemies reappear.

-The Guilty Dragon shows up and he does not like you.

-There are references to another company called MONOREAL and Altimit is also mentioned.

-There are references to a new world and then characters from New World make an appearance.


This is so interesting to me. It seems GD and New World have some overlap. The timeline is not clear, but they may be only months apart.

Stay tuned for footage on my YouTube channel.


3 thoughts on “It’s Here!!!

  1. Sounds nice. I expected them to overlap to some degree.
    Kinda intrigued about the identity of those reappearing enemies and the general plot now.


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