New World Complete (For Now)!

Hi everyone, so, New World has some interesting story that I hope you’ll all enjoy when I finish transcribing and translating it. So far, as of version 1.1.4, the game includes three acts (all of which I have completed on Normal Mode) and several sub-quests after each act (all of which I have now completed) and many Character Quests (which I have not completed yet, but these are side stories that don’t affect the main story too much).

That means that I have the main story complete until they release a new update with more quests to complete! So, I’m staying ahead of the game this time so there’s no rushing.

I’m also more than half-way through Guilty Dragon (Quest 40 of 71).

Stay tuned for more GD and NW stuff.


3 thoughts on “New World Complete (For Now)!

    1. I haven’t tallied the time, but so far I’ve put I think around 5 to 7 hours into the main story for Acts 1-3. I’ll get a better idea later on. And yes, I’ll try to give a general summary here before I translate all the dialogue. I may end up translating it all just to summarize it though. Haha


  1. ^-^ Glad to hear you’ve been covering both games, really hope you finish Guilty Dragon before the servers go down since I doubt they’ll any oppertunities to perserve the game once it closes.

    xD and then make back-ups just incase


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