Donation Page

Hi everyone, I added a link to a donation page to the menu at the top of the page. Some people  have expressed an interest in donating as a way to help me translate more content more quickly. I am in no way expecting or anticipating donations, and I will always make the content I translate available for free without ads or difficult access procedures. Anyone who tries to offer you this English-language content for payment is likely scamming you or doing something illegal or unethical.

Any donations are greatly appreciated. I can’t offer much in return, but I do have a small incentive listed on the page. Please read my notes and guidelines on the page before donating. Please do not donate to me if you cannot really afford to donate. I have the luxury of living in a wealthy western country and although I am a working student, I probably have it financially better than some of my audience. I don’t want you to waste money you can’t afford to give away. But for those who can afford it, and who wish to help, I also don’t want you wasting money. So please read my guidelines.

Click the donation page to find out more.


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