Guilty Dragon and NEW WORLD News

In light of news that Guilty Dragon service is ending in March, I have decided to take it upon myself to transcribe and eventually translate the game’s main storyline.

Thanks to some fine folks at the Japanese Guilty Dragon wikia, about 80% of the game’s main story was transcribed. However, for whatever reason, they stopped and the rest hasn’t been completed.

I have recently completed the game’s main story and I will transcribe the remaining 15 chapters. Those chapters comprise 237 areas, each with some dialogue at the end. To get this done before service ends, I need to transcribe 4-5 areas per day. Very doable, but this will have the consequence of pushing .hack//Link back by a few weeks or more.

I hate to do that, but given that part of the GD story may be lost forever if I or someone else does not record it, I figure it is an acceptable issue.

So wish me luck and stay tuned for Guilty Dragon’s story after .hack//Link.

P.S. In order to keep up with it, I also intend to transcribe NEW WORLD as I play it, so that we may all know that story too!


11 thoughts on “Guilty Dragon and NEW WORLD News

  1. You’re awesome, I played GD for awhile but without knowing the story I kind of fell off. Too bad it’s ending. At least New World is fun, I’ve been playing it since day 1. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate all the work you do for .hack.


  2. This is a stupid question but I am to 100% a PC person: Do phone games just disappear/become unplayable when the service ends? Or will it still be possible to play them on some emulators?

    Anyway, thank you very much for that. I always saw screenshots and characters from GD and wanted to know about the context but I suck at reading kanji.


    1. On your phone the game will most likely become unplayable. I’m not 100% sure, but since Bluestacks wants you to sign in to an account, I assume it will also be unplayable on that emulator. I don’t know about other emulators.


  3. If getting THIS means we have to wait awhile longer for the rest of //LINK, I agree that’s a serviceable pill to swallow. I am much, much more interested in Guilty Dragon’s and Maiden of Silver Tears’ stories. So, really, THANK YOU for doing all of this. Wish there was a way I could help, but alas I’m sure there’s not. — Now, my question is, will these translations be available in video so that we can see GD and NW being played through? Or will your translations be posted up as texts only?


    1. Since service is ending so soon for GD, I won’t have time to finish a Let’s Play of it. I could try, but it would require a lot of playtime and I’d have to buy a bunch of WP Pots to progress fast enough. Unlikely to happen.


  4. o cool ill have to download guilty dragon and play it then. could you do a video record for new world when you play? wish I could get new world to work on bluestacks but it crashes every time at 33/60.


    1. You better hurry if you want to play GD. Service is ending in less than 2 months, so you’ll have to play fast if you want to finish it.

      At the moment, I DO intend to do a Let’s Play of NEW WORLD, but this could change. NEW WORLD works fine for me on Bluestacks. Make sure you’re using the latest versions and make sure you have enough resources to run it.


  5. I’m so glad you’re doing a let’s play of both of them! I’ve started playing both games through the QooApp, and I’m trying to at least play what I can of GD. I know I probably won’t get to finish it, so I look forward to your let’s plays to get the complete story. But it’s nice to get to experience in some capacity considering.


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