Hi everyone. Some people have been hoping to find ways in which they can help me, even though they cannot translate or code games. A few people have suggested making donations. Though I cannot be paid directly (as a rate) for the translation work I do, I can use the help to procure more .hack merchandise.

So, should you decide to donate to me, here are a few guidelines:

  1. The money will be used solely to purchase new .hack merchandise to translate (namely the .hack//Archives) or products that are necessary for recording the media.
  2. I have a job while I am in school, which I use to pay my bills and so on. I am not in dire financial straits, so please do not send large sums of money.
  3. Again, please do not send me large amounts of money. As much as it is appreciated, I do not expect you to shell out your hard-earned money for me. This is simply for those who feel like contributing to get more of their favorite .hack products in English more quickly. I ask that you cap a donation at $10.00CAD (roughly $7.20USD, $10.20AUD, €6.40EUR, or £5.00GBP as of February 2016). $1-$5CAD is much more reasonable. If you donate more or less, that is your prerogative, but as a student I understand how important it is to save, so please do not spend large sums of money frivolously. It would make me feel bad. If you send an amount in error, please let me know and I will refund the amount. If I deem the amount to be too big or in error at my discretion, I may refund it for you.

My current goal is $300 CAD to buy all of the .hack//Archives, as well as a PS3 recording device to do a Let’s Play of .hack//Versus.

Anyone who donates will get a Special Thanks either on this page or in the .hack//Link end credits (if we can figure out how to edit the credit sequence), or the Thanks may be added to the opening FMV. Please either leave a note with your payment about how you want your name to appear, or I will use the name recorded on the donation. You may also note whether you don’t want to receive any mention.

You can donate via Paypal by following the link below. There are currently no other payment options available.






El Tagos
John McNally (Dule Ra)
Joseph Xu
Greg Kefka Hooper
+ more…