Just 50 files left!

There are just 50 files left to translate in .hack//Link. Now, these 50 are the largest files in the game, but with a little help, hopefully we can be done in a timely manner. Stay tuned!


11 thoughts on “Just 50 files left!

  1. Can’t explain how happy I am. .hack is one of the very very few franchises I never stopped being a fan of.
    I didn’t even start LINK because I don’t want to miss anything by stumbling upon Japanese parts I don’t understand so I am really looking forward to this. Take your time!


  2. I read an earlier post saying you were considering hiring a translator.

    Do you still need donations for that? I’d be willing to help contribute.


  3. Hey congrats man, I pray for the success of this project and any other of your project….
    Also much hype for the upcoming .Hack//G.U. Last Recode HD Remaster for the ps4….


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