.hack//Bullet Chapter 31 English Translation Complete!

After a long hiatus, I have finally completed another .hack//Bullet chapter in English.


Chapter 31: Black Forest


To be honest, not much happens in this one, but you get some background info about something that may prove useful later on.


4 thoughts on “.hack//Bullet Chapter 31 English Translation Complete!

  1. Thank you always for all the hard work you do! I’m very grateful that I’ll be able to read another chapter of Bullet. It’s been so engrossing thus far! Cheers!


  2. Thanks for all your hard work translating BULLET for everyone! Hard workers like you help keep this little fandom alive and I appreciate it!

    Just a note on your notes at the end; I believe that the informant they are painting a picture of is the same informant from QUANTUM, he fits the description perfectly. I don’t think that he’s Sakisaka, especially because of personality differences.


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