Supporting .hack//Translate

Many of you have been with me and the .hack community from the very beginning and I am so grateful. I thank you all for enjoying my translations.

In an effort to provide faster translations, I’m considering setting up a Patreon account.

If I reach certain goals, I could reduce my need for extra shifts at my current job which cut into project time.

In exchange for supporting me, I would offer rewards such as adding your name to the .hack//Link credits in a thank you section, for example. I would also like to offer my translation services to those of you out there who would like some things translated whether they be lyrics, poems, or your own material.

I do Japanese, French and German to English, and vice versa, though my accuracy may be slightly lower translating away from English.

So, I haven’t set up a Patreon account yet, but I’d like to know, is this something you would consider supporting me on? What sort of rewards would you like to see?

I was also considering maybe doing a series of videos on YouTube about the .hack series. For example, videos summarizing the series and videos delving more in depth into certain characters or stories. Videos would be short, say 3-10 minutes long. Maybe I’d do a podcast about certain aspects of translating.



11 thoughts on “Supporting .hack//Translate

    1. I’m still working out pricing, but what I mean by offering my services is that I’ll translate other material for you, like your own personal stuff, or poems or song lyrics you want to know the meaning of. I’ll be getting to .hack//Versus eventually.


  1. It would be wonderful to be able to support you in some way; you’ve contributed a lot!
    Thank you again, for all your hard work!
    (Also wow, Japanese, French, German AND English? That is incredible.)


  2. Videos would be welcomed especially since i only playes the english games so im kinda counfused and dont know were to start on all the new stuff like mama and that group of hackers from link.


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