.hack//Bullet Finally Updated!

CC2 has finally released chapters 33 and 34 of .hack//Bullet which means that we finally have more of Flugel’s story to read. This should be interesting. I’ll get to work soon on finishing chapters 31 and 32 of Bullet and catch up.

The chapter list has also been updated to includes chapters up to 42. This story is getting very long. But the good news is it seems to come to an end at chapter 42! We’ll hopefully have some answers to all the madness going on in The World.

The new Chapters are as follows:

34 Post Mortem
35 Doll Syndrome
36 A Toast
37 A Malicious Herd
38 Cracking
39 Ambush
40 Grey World
41 The Endurant
42 Epilogue

Hopefully the chapters are released more quickly now.


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