Checking in!

Just letting you all know that progress is steady. I updated the latest numbers. Just 76 files left to the main story. I’m not as fast as I’d like to be, but it’s better than nothing. Work is taking up a lot of my time.

In other news, I have the entire .hack//Versus storyline recorded and I will be using it to translate the relevant story from the game. There’s no timeline on when this will be started or released however.


8 thoughts on “Checking in!

  1. That’s awesome~! Anyways If you started or whenever you start to actsually make an English Patch for the PS3 game of Versus, maybe it might be a quick one to translate, who knows but if you do work on it, will you also finish on the old unfinished English Patch of .Hack//Fragment for PS2???? It is partly translated but it would be awesome if you finish it. P.S the creator who partly translated it has an Online secret server to play with other players online via PSX2 or PS2. Thanks for ready and keep up the badass work!! 😀 ❤


    1. IDK If it’s fully done translating but I do know there more focus on developing there own server to kep on running without issues. I haven’t heard any new about them completing it. But you can ask Coldbird or I ask them, But finishing .Hack//Link is your main mission to complete then maybe translae .Hack//Versus for PS3 in an English Patch.


  2. whoa you doin the versus game too…. i cant thank you enough for that, good luck man… when you have done with link could you also report the progress for the versus too at least? i hope you will consider it…


  3. I was just wondering if you could make a txt file with the contents of Link’s Emails due to the current glitch forcing us to use the umd for the emails


    1. I’m not entirely sure what you mean.

      Do you mean for me to make an untranslated file of the e-mails in the game? I could do that. It would only help the e-mail freezing, but there are other things in the game that freeze that this would not help. Also, only a few e-mails are actually translated.


  4. Sorry, I thought more of the e-mails had been translated. So far the email is the main thing that consistently freezes for me.


  5. We’re patiently waiting! You’re doing God’s work and thank you so much for continuing to do all of this. 🙂 I get how much time work takes up out one’s day, so just stay diligent and we will remain patient man. No worries there! I also really can’t wait for the ‘Versus’ translation!


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