Back to translating .hack//Link!

Sorry for the hiatus on .hack//Link. I was busy with school, but now that exams are over, I’m free from school until September. I have work, but my schedule will be more free for translating. I’m endeavoring to translate at least 2 .hack//Link files per day.


Also, nothing is set in stone, but I possibly have a programmer to help correct the freezing and patching issues in the game. The programmer is also busy, but hopefully with some help, we can get this project on track. Programming is a complicated process though, so please be patient.

I’ve updated the progress meter with the latest figures. Stay tuned for more!


One thought on “Back to translating .hack//Link!

  1. I’m very excited! Like I said in the earlier post, it’s been 2 years since I tucked Link away to finish later. Hopefully this summer is the one!


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