Guilty Dragon Craziness!

So, for those who’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know that I’ve been playing Guilty Dragon in an attempt to complete it and record it before service ends.

Well, things are going well. I’m at Quest 65 of 78, so I should have no issues finishing in time.

CC2 has released chapters 1-7 of the Final Episode in the game, and that is what this post is about. The story has really picked up and some strange things are happening. I don’t want to spoil too much, and I’m not so sure what’s happening myself but here are a few points that might have big consequences for the .hack Universe.

-Zombie-like characters similar to the Azure Flame Knights from G.U. start appearing more frequently.
-The Sin Dragon himself finally appears and he’s got a few things to say.
-Some of the main characters in the game become antagonists.
-An interesting character named Collector/Corrector Q appears and she wears an eye-patch (The proper romanization of the name is unclear at this point. She could be a Collector or a Corrector).

This may mean nothing or it could be linked to some major plot points. I don’t know, but I’m excited to translate all this and find out.


6 thoughts on “Guilty Dragon Craziness!

  1. lucky XD i tried updating blue stacks but a error happen and i lost all the save data. im guessing linking twitter was most likely the way to save data but i never did. o well i guess ill just wait till your done. couldn’t understand anyways. just playing to see how far i could get. got about to were you are in the videos as of now. so if im understanding right you upload a transcript some were latter for us to watch with the vids ? cause i don’t see a cc.


    1. Yeah, when I’ve finished playing through the game, I’ll start translating it and releasing a transcript of the dialogue. It may take a while though. .hack//Link will become priority again once I’m done GD.


  2. I’m guessing the proper romanasation would be Collector Q , since well , she is an actual Collector in the literal meaning 😛 .

    As you can see in the Events Tab , there is a tab where you exchange items with her.


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