Computer Fixed

So, I was able to repair my HDD. I ran some tests and it seems to be back in perfect order. Previous tests reported errors and my OS would not allow me to access my settings menu anymore. Updates could also no longer be installed and my graphics driver would stop working. The computer would also fail to start up on occasion, locking up at the start screen.

After a wipe and fresh install, everything seems to be fine. No errors were found and my computer runs smoothly.

It may have simply been an OS issue rather than HDD issue. However, should I run into any of the same issues I had before, I have a new faster SSD ready to be installed. I have the unfortunate task of now finding and installing all of the old programs I used, but I was smart enough to make a list of them, so I know exactly where to get them all. Some of them I haven’t used in a while, so I may leave them alone in an effort to my keep my drive free of unnecessary data.


Stay tuned for more .hack content!


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