.hack//Bullet News! FINALLY!

Good news to all!

After over a year of no updates to .hack//Bullet, it seemed like CC2 had abandoned it, but alas NO! On January 15th, CC2 released a notice on the .hack//Bullet page that reads as follows:





「外道~! おれの弾丸にKISSしな」

……え? 決め台詞あったでしょ……
なかった? 記憶違い? ああ、そう……

That says:

Notice of Series Resumption

You’ve been waiting a long time.

“.hack//Bullet” will resume starting January 2016!

Stay tuned for the triumph of me, the nice guy Flugel, as I confront the evil Net Terrorist who controls a horde of rats!

‘You fiend! Get a KISS from my bullet!’

…Huh? That might have been a canned line…
Or not? Did I forget something? Ah, that’s right…

The chapter titles have been changed yet again.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited and I hope the story provides some answers to just what is going on in the .hack universe!

As the chapters are released, I will return to translating and releasing them. Let’s hope CC2 remains  consistent!

Stay tuned!


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