70% Complete!

.hack//Link, after a long slow crawl, has reached 70% file completion. There are 168 files left to complete before the 0.3 version patch is released. If I do 2-5 of these files a day, I will be on track to release the patch in March.


7 thoughts on “70% Complete!

  1. Dude if you release it in March, there’s a really good chance you’d actually inadvertently offer me the translation for my birthday.
    Once again, thanks a lot for never abandoning the community. I have so much respect for you and your work.


      1. You are so awesome! You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this… I bought a PSP back in middle school just to play Link, and my dreams are finally coming true! If this patch covers all the main story quests comes out in March, I’ll finally play it to completion (I stopped at G.U. because the translation got very sparse) and be up to date with my lifelong favourite series. Just reading this update made me well up a little and uplifted me like no other news can!

        I second Otaxou, thanks for never giving up. It’s been a long road, but you alone have paved it–you should be proud of the joy it’s brought me and many others.


  2. I turned into a hardcore .hack fan in 2004 and I never stopped being one. More .hack stuff is always among the best things that can happen to me. Especially since LINK contains parts of all the installments I loved so much.
    You’re doing a great work!


  3. Keep up the good work, sir ^_^ Already watched all the .hack anime and movies while waiting for the next patch XD Also only played .hack//G.U. though. The old .hack games with Kite on it is rather hard so I just dropped it. Fact: Kite has a dual sword but he only attacks with one sword lol


  4. I want to say so many thankyou…..for you to translating all of this…..I’m very grateful….really-really thanks….Thank you for your hardworking…thank you for your time….

    I also .hack fans since .hack//SIGN when I was young……and still being .hack// hardcore fans until now….I also draw many fanart about .hack

    Here one of my art to show some gratitude

    I can’t wait to play it soon :’)


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