Hello everyone!

This is to let you know that the project is still in the works. I am on Christmas break right now. There was unfortunately an illness in the family, but I will work on .hack//Link when I can. Today I updated another 6 files. Doesn’t sound like much, I know.

Just to give you an idea of the amount of work this requires, it takes approximately an hour to translate 3-5 files for .hack//Link. Now, this is assuming the files are only 30-50 lines. As the game goes on, dialogue files get very long, some files have hundreds of lines (the longest dialogue scene file has over 350 lines and the file containing all the e-mails contains over 14000 lines), which will mean one file could take a few hours to translate. If I try to dedicate an hour or two every day to .hack (which is not always possible and sometimes I’m in no mood to translate, to be honest), it could take 1-3 hours just to get 1% of the game completed. The e-mail file alone could take a couple of weeks to translate. This means it would take hundreds of hours over the course of 100-200 days (or more) to finish the entire game. I have over 600 files left to translate.

And I’m currently translating by myself. This is large endeavour and this is why I could really use help from translators and other fan PSP translation groups to get this completed. I have been in contact with a couple of other groups, but with Christmas coming up, it’s difficult to get anyone to commit to a new project.


Stay tuned. I’m not out of the translation process, but this will be a long, slow haul. I appreciate your patience and dedication to this game.


19 thoughts on “News

  1. You aren’t slow, your pace is pretty good. It’s the game that’s long as fuck and has a ton of dialoge. I wish there would exist more translators to help you but I can’t do anything.
    Still looking forward to every single % you translate!


  2. No worries! It’s just awesome that you’re doing this. Unfortunately, I don’t know Japanese (yet), but if I meet anyone who could help, I’ll send em your way.


  3. You are working on a game that takes 60 hours to complete just skipping dialog. You would be insane to think you could spend more than a few hours a day on the project. Doin good, keep it up and dont sweat the small stuff.


  4. Don’t know if it will help, but if you make a thread over on gbatemp asking for help, you may get it… or not.

    I’ve seen a few projects start and finish there that way.


  5. hi,
    Really glad to know you’re the man behind of translation thing for .hack// series
    Thanks a lot for your work, really appreciate. I wanna give you information about bug in .hack//link English Patch version 0.2.3.
    When I opened mail in main hall the game getting freeze. Would you mind to fix it?


    1. Hi, thanks for the support. I am aware of the bug you mentioned. I have known about it for a long time, but unfortunately it requires knowledge of coding that I do not have. I am trying to find a programmer who can help me fix this issue, or I will learn how to edit the game code myself, but until then, there is nothing I can do. You will simply have to use the temporary fix posted on the game’s download page. Read through the page and the solution is there.


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