.hack//GnU complete!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Things have slowed down here, but I haven’t given up on them entirely.

I have finally completed all the chapters of .hack//GnU. They can be downloaded here.

Enjoy! Let me know of any issues. For now I am satisfied with the translation, but I may return for an improved version in the future.

My efforts will now be concentrated in .hack//Bullet and .hack//Link.


8 thoughts on “.hack//GnU complete!

    1. Ok, I’ve read them now… Does wordpress have spoiler tags? I’m a little cloudy about what exactly happened in chapters 5 and 6 and was hoping someone could clarify for me.


      1. The story gets a little strange and seems to wrap things up rather abruptly. I’m not entirely sure myself. It feels like chapter 5 is a sort of side story that doesn’t fit in well with the rest of the chapters.


  1. Nice! Its always good to see there’s still .hack fans around here, especially ones who are also dedicated enough to spend this long translating things!

    I hope the low amount of responses doesn’t discourage you — I’m sure many people out there wanted this and just haven’t heard about it yet. As for me, I’ve been lurking around every week since the first .hack//link patch.


    1. Thanks for the support. I’ll do my best to keep the projects going. School is busy, but I have a plan to work really hard at this stuff over the Christmas and summer breaks (in addition to the small updates I make in between).


      1. If there’s anything simple enough, I’d love to help. However, my kanji and vocab knowledge are pretty lacking currently. I’m trying to find a good way to fix that… <.<


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