More .hack//Bullet chapters added! And other updates!

Today I added several more .hack//Bullet chapters. I cleaned up some, but there may still be errors. Please let me know if you spot a mistake.

Also, .hack/Bullet chapters 26 and 27 are currently in the works, so I hope to have chapter 26 done in the next couple of weeks. I’m somewhat busy with school, and now that the FIFA World Cup in on, I sometimes watch matches as football is one of my favourite sports. I’m still working on stuff, but it might be a little slow. Stay tuned.

.hack//Link is also still in progress. The files list hasn’t been updated yet, but some new files are done. I hope to have a new patch with some fixes and added dialogue next month so you have more to see and do. It probably won’t have a whole lot of new content, but some corrections might be nice.


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